The Nursery

The books have been read, the freezer is stocked, the bag is packed, now we just need to get things at home baby friendly...

Forty winks & the practical bits

First thing's first; the greatly treasured forty winks... It's safe to say the options are endless, but we were looking for a cot that would have our little one next to us for the first chapter of things. My magical mother very kindly helped us out and so we have a dreamy SnuzPod as the first port of call, complete with a gentle rocking ability. Rave reviews and middle of the price range from what we had seen, this is set to last us for at least 9 months, just the thing to ease us all into things. Almost embarrassingly, just about everything we have for the nursery came from John Lewis; the nursing cushion, changing unit, nappy bin, cot sheets, mattress protector, cellular blankets – they make it so easy, it’s almost hard not to.

A few little things that have helped me slowly but surely start to see our spare room as more of a nursery are the Hevea Kawan Duck & our Gro Egg. The Kawan duck is not quite as practical, but having worked with Hevea in the past and knowing just how wonderful a brand this is, having this little cutie around has been really reassuring and also has us both looking forward to some magical bubble baths ahead. The Gro Egg has been brilliant, even before the little one arrives. Doubling up as a night light and a room temperature gauge, it's so useful to understand how the room needs to feel in what is set to be quite a chilly fourth trimester and the months ahead.

A world of reviews that had me utterly baffled was the world of breast pumps... Feeling somewhat like rabbit in the headlights, I went for the name that was everywhere; Medela - I've only heard good things, even the pump noise itself had us both smirking like teenagers - what better way to lull her to sleep than those dulcet tones from that little yellow ball of wonder... Fingers crossed at least.

The bits:

Those little treasures that we treasure for decades to come? A bunny missing an ear, a holey blanket that's getting onto 30 years old? They're in abundance now. There are little hand-knitted bunnies, the Mister's first purchases for the bump, before the bean was public knowledge/property, from a lovely shop Res Res in Copenhagen. A few weeks ago we spent a day gawping at the wonders of Fortnum & Mason and after much deliberation, came back with the sweetest little rattling mermaid. Then there are teddies with ears like velvet from a few of my beloved girlfriends and a hand-knitted blanket from a wondrous friend’s magical mother (Sharpie, you are the best). Utterly heart-melting and prized possessions that will be loved and loved.

For when the screaming and tiredness are at equally unbearable levels, I've put up a few notes to self for the mister and I from Secrets of the Baby Whisperer to help us stay as sane as possible in those tricky moments (more on this in my ‘Reading Up’ post).

As the room acts as my workspace too, I've been keen to have the two different vibes accommodated for, so she has homemade decorations dotted about the room, along with drawings of mine, and then homemade Rosemary candles to keep the atmosphere nice and relaxed. I've read rosemary is great for brain development, along with being one of my favourite scents to soothe, so it's now all over the house, but particularly great for me in a work space and for her in general! 


Anyone that knows our household will know how frustratingly particular we are... So things have become pretty embarrassingly fussy when it comes to our little bundle of joy. Luckily, we both happen to be serial scrollers, so we have been scouring eBay for most things – Petit Bateau heaven! John Lewis, H&M Conscious & M&S have been the firm favourites for the basics so far, especially given how quickly she's going to grow. Given my love for knitwear, these stunning little cashmere mittens from a dear, dear friend have pride of place on show and will be getting plenty of outings.

A few months ago I managed the unthinkable and won the most incredible competition on Instagram, with an unbelievable bundle of goodies for mother and baby that included breathtakingly gorgeous cashmere knitwear from Olivier Baby (if only it came in adult sizes as well - is it wrong to be envious of a child's wardrobe?). Another love to have developed from this competition is my adoration of Marloe London, creating beautiful bright muslins, big and small. Our big blue bundle is ready and waiting in the cot for when the VIP visitors descend upon us - helping us to hit the ground running. 

The wishlist is never ending, thanks to social media. I discovered Etta Loves on Instagram and have been cooing over their brilliant designs ever since - The multi pack is going to be a godsend, I can already tell. The patterns will have all of us mesmerised for hours no doubt. The Little Natural Co & The Modern Nursery are firm favourites that show no signs of running out of dreamy must-haves and must-loves.

Given the insatiable appetite for craft in our house, making a special something for the madam was inevitable. Upcycled from a bridesmaid dress with the help of VV Rouleaux, our little one will have a tutu that is incredibly dear to me that will last her for a fair few years to come... Let's just hope she doesn't inherit my dancing 'skills'.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 13.08.17.png

For me? My trusty Robe de Voyage Zanzibar robe will be a constant sidekick - perfect for maintaining dignity and looking semi-presentable when visitors come knocking during feeding times. Just need to make sure there's enough tea in the cupboard for all of us.

So, it seems we have the main things covered for the first magical few months, anything else we can surely pick up along the way...

Now, all we need is for the little lady herself to join the party. And we couldn't be more excited to meet her at long last.