Pregnancy - Prepping for the last lap

There’s not long to go before two become three in our house and it’s safe to say we cannot WAIT for our little madam to arrive. The combination of anticipation, excitement and impending relief that a hefty pregnancy is nearly over (not to mention being able to sleep on my back again) is getting to fever pitch for us now.

With the antenatal classes all finished, a hypnobirthing course completed, the books read and pages flagged for reference when we can tell our ears from our toes, we’ve prepped as much as we can on a theoretical level, now for the last-minute bits at home…



Lotions & potions:

I have been a Weleda fan for many years now, especially thanks to my teenage dependency on Skin Food, but even more so after working with them at Positive Luxury and seeing just how much quality and care goes into every product. My must-haves? The stretch mark oil, Rosemary bath milk and Perineum Massage Oil. Other goodies that are going into the hospital bag include Batiste dry shampoo; my current favourite scent, Miller Harris’ Coeur de Jardin, Ren BB cream should I look like a ghost and want to feel semi human, and Lanolin-free nipple balm, which I have had friends, family and complete strangers tell me I need (thanks lady in the street and lady behind the counter in M&S, your advice was not ignored).


For when it kicks off:

My favourite bit of not-so-serious advice from our Bump & Baby class (which was phenomenal by the way – Charlotte, our midwife, was unbelievable, such a comfort and a no-nonsense whizz, all in one) was that the best thing to get ready when contractions start is a glass of red wine… A brilliant way to distract in the early stages of contractions apparently. Best news of the whole 9 months.

The perfect companion for a glass of Pinot Noir? My treasured candle from Abalon. The scent is unreal, the porcelain is so delicate, set off by the gold lip detail and the knowledge that Ana, the brains behind Abalon is an absolute sweetheart. Nice thoughts only, very endorphin-friendly.

It might be a while before I get a chance again, so a shower will be in order if things are off to a slow start, not to mention showers being quite soothing activities/distractions sometimes.

It’s been suggested to have programmes ready to help stay distracted. I had planned to save the Bake Off final as I seem to be finding it incredibly soothing, but Prue kind of spoiled the element of surprise on that one, right? Thank god for Netflix.

The baby bag:

So this has been slowly filling up for a few weeks now. The mister wanted me to have something special for running around like a headless, sleep deprived chicken/mum, so very kindly treated me to a Jem & Bea bag – so loved that I started using it as a handbag when it first arrived, but it’s now needing to be prepped for when we need to bung it in the car – the handbag days can wait a little longer.

For its current role, the bag needs her gear for those first few hours/days; babygrows, sleepsuits, hat, scratch mitts, socks, nappies, muslins; enough to make sure she’s not going home in her birthday suit, basically.

Then there’s the gear for me. I hear your body temperature drops hugely after birth, not to mention being shattered and colder after a potentially long labour ahead, so my Nihao Planet scarf and my trusty N Peal poncho are going in immediately, as is my Zanzibar robe from Robe de Voyage - Just in case things happen overnight and visitors become a thing. The fun continues with a big t’shirt, spare knickers, chargers, Medela breast pump (totally getting the midwives to help me get set up) maternity pads, plus a few of the lotions and potions that will perk things up and stop me looking like a crazy bag lady.

I’ve heard a few suggestions of getting another smaller bag ready with an outfit for me to come home in, or just a pile of a few options that someone can pick up and bring to the hospital a bit later on, worth a thought too…


In the kitchen:

A bit of a mixture here, some for when it kicks off, some for once we’re back at home.

Nuts, energy bars and tablets, Lucozade sport and Milo milkshakes are all being recommended for labour snacks to keep energy levels up. Snacks for the mister need to be remembered too; the poor guy’s going to need sustenance as well in order to keep a level head in the room, so a few favourites are worth stocking up on.

Freezer meals seem to be all the rage – Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights by Sophie Dahl is an old favourite of mine that will come in handy for soups and comfort food, along with The First Forty Days, by Heng Ou (more on this in my ‘Reading Up’ post)  has some recipes that I’m very keen to have The Mister have a go at whilst I’m on Boob patrol in the first few weeks.

Fortnum & Mason decaf tea has become my firm favourite (with Clipper close behind to be fair), so will need to be readily available as soon as the kettle gets pinged on for that very special first cup of tea as a mother.

What are we missing?? There’s not long left before our little bundle of joy arrives, so if there’s anything you think needs to be on the prep list, please do share in the comments below.